Sixth Edition

Scottish Parliament
26 June 2019

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The Edinburgh Gadda Prize

Honorary President: Gianrico Carofiglio

Chair: Federica G. Pedriali

powered by The Edinburgh Journal of Gadda Studies

Archived Results (Edinburgh 2010)

fabio minazzi (left) © gp - crolla amato gadda prize 2010 runner-up

The six Gadda awards

Donatella Martinelli wins the first Crolla Amato Gadda. Fabio Minazzi wins the Runner-up Prize and Marco Gaetani wins Third Prize, with Special mention for Best Published Monograph.

Elisabetta Carta and Cristina Savettieri win ex aequo the first Gadda First. Elisabetta Carta also receives Special mention for Best Doctoral Thesis. Valentino Baldi wins Third prize with his doctoral work.

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laura barile  900 in saggio winner (third place)

The six 900 in saggio awards

Enrico Testa wins the first Novecento in Saggio. Sergio Parussa wins the Runner-up Prize. Laura Barile wins Third Prize.

Marco Forti receives Special mention for Distinguished Career. Anna Baldini receives Special mention for Best Early Career Scholar. Conni-Kay Jørgensen receives Special mention for Best non-Italian Scholar.

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