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Nicola Benedetti Scholarship Fund

Press release 17 February 2011

nicola benedetti

The Nicola Benedetti Scholarship Fund
Virtuoso adds string to her bow

Virtuoso violinist Nicola Benedetti is backing a new scheme to support Italian Studies at the University of Edinburgh.

Classical music star Ms Benedetti, who has just released her fifth album, is to become patron of a scheme to provide scholarship opportunities for postgraduate students in Italian Studies at the University of Edinburgh.

Scots-born Ms Benedetti, who is proud of her Italian heritage, is launching a Nicola Benedetti Scholarship Fund to generate opportunities for students who otherwise may not have the chance to take part in Italian Studies at Edinburgh.

Ms Benedetti will meet current postgraduate students from Italian Studies on Friday 18 February in the Playfair Library in the University’s Old College.

The fund will seek to provide scholarships for Masters, PhD programmes and Postdoctoral Fellowships in Italian Studies including research in Italian visual arts, music, literature, history and philosophy.

Ms Benedetti said the scholarships will enhance Scotland’s rich, historical ties with Italy.

Ms Benedetti said: «I am very proud to support Italian postgraduate studies at the University of Edinburgh and hope this new fund can help ensure that no gifted student misses out on a place at Edinburgh because of a financial obstacle».

Italian has been taught at the University of Edinburgh since 1919. More students graduate in Italian Studies from Edinburgh than any other Scottish university.

Professor Federica Pedriali, Head of Italian Studies at the University of Edinburgh, said: «We would like to thank the Benedetti family for their support. The number of students applying for postgraduate Italian Studies is the highest it has ever been. This will go a long way in assisting with the development of our postgraduate programm».


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