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Scottish Parliament
26 June 2019

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dorothy miell welcomes delegation

Lazio Region Delegation
Tuesday 6 September 2011

Professor Dorothy Miell and her Team welcome On.le Mario Abruzzese and his Lazio delegation to the Library’s Treasures to mark Edinburgh Gadda project strengthening links between Scotland and Italy.

With one week to go to Gadda Giovani 2011 and the Cassino Semifinals, the 15-strong delegation visited Edinburgh University to present

Lazio Region Delegation

On.le Mario Abruzzese
President, Lazio Region
Antonio Antonelli
Manager Antonelli & Iafrate
Giuseppe Benedetti
Mayor, Casalattico City Council
Giancarlo Ferrera
Mayor, Picinisco City Council
Donato Formisano
Chairman, Banca Popolare del Cassinate
Riccardo Frattaroli
Mayor, Settefrati
Maurizio Ghini
Manager Comag Sales
Fausto Lancia
Mayor, Atina City Council
Riccardo Mancini
Depty Mayor, Picinisco City Council
Franco Moscone
Mayor, Casalvieri City Council
Maria Grazia Rotondi
President Team, Lazio Region
Marco Scappaticci
Councillor, Picinisco City Council
Luigi Secondino
President Team, Lazio Region
Maria Serra
Lazio Region


Tony Crolla
Sponsor of the Edinburgh Gadda Prize
Sponsor of the Nicola Benedetti Scholarship
Adriano De Marco
President Comites
Cesidio Di Ciacca
Consultant Solicitor
Sponsor of the Nicola Benedetti Scholarship
John Mark Di Ciacca
Chartered Surveyor
Massimo Lilli



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