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26 June 2019

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The Edinburgh Gadda Prize

Honorary President: Gianrico Carofiglio

Chair: Federica G. Pedriali

powered by The Edinburgh Journal of Gadda Studies

Gadda Giovani 2011 Testimonial

paolo vacca, with genni d'aquino © gp - milan 2011 finals

Paolo Vacca

Student – Cagliari, Italy

It has been an amazing experience. I would undoubtedly recommend it to anyone interested in work that involves culture, creativity and fun in one. Thanks to this Gadda initiative, I’ve had the opportunity to gain more confidence with my writing skills and to get to know a lot better one of the greatest Italian writers – not to mention the wonderful on-stage experience that very helpful and caring staff created for us.

The Prize has used such an important literary figure like Gadda to gather enthusiastic students from different parts of Italy and let them experience how literature can actually make people meet and open wide new realities that may be there but are still unknown.

Paolo Vacca
Liceo classico G.M. Dettori, Cagliari

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