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26 June 2019

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The Edinburgh Gadda Prize

Honorary President: Gianrico Carofiglio

Chair: Federica G. Pedriali

powered by The Edinburgh Journal of Gadda Studies

Edinburgh 2010 Testimonial

maia perradeau at work © gp - edinburgh gadda juniors 2010

Maia Perradeau

Mary Erskine School Edinburgh
Scottish Gadda Junior Winner 2010 (third place, ex aequo)

I thoroughly enjoyed my Gadda Prize experience, and would definitely recommend entering the competition.

The writing was challenging as I had never written any detective fiction before. The required setting, Rome, was great and it was really interesting to research this magnificent city so as to make my story believable.

I was delighted to find out that my piece of writing, a detective story with a twist, had made it to the finals meaning I could attend the very useful and interactive Blackwell Gadda Workshop, as well as the Award Ceremony, held in a beautiful location in the Botanic Gardens. Even had I not come away that evening with a prize of third place the whole Gadda experience would have been completely worthwhile.

Maia Perradeau
Mary Erskine School, Edinburgh


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