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26 June 2019

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The Edinburgh Gadda Prize

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Chair: Federica G. Pedriali

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Edinburgh 2012 Testimonial

gadda goes to war © gp - traverse, edinburgh 2012

Sergio Della Sala

Academic – Edinburgh, Scotland

Too often we hear “people are not interested” when the discussion revolves around thought provoking performances or cultural events. Unfortunately this is the legacy of twenty years of humiliation of the great Italian culture, a period during which circenses took the place of lofty shows and emotion loaded scripts.

It was therefore a delight to attend to this Gadda revival, which was profound, intense, and attention-grabbing, yet highly entertaining, engaging and occasionally amusing. It is almost incredible how actual this piece is, and the performance is so poignant as to stir admiration as well as deep emotions.

This show should be capitalised upon as one of the best ambassadors for Italian refinement, demonstrating that nani e ballerine is not all we can export.

Please do distribute it. It is an act of patriotism.

Professor Sergio Della Sala
Human Cognitive Neuroscience
University of Edinburgh


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