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26 June 2019

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The Edinburgh Gadda Prize

Honorary President: Gianrico Carofiglio

Chair: Federica G. Pedriali

powered by The Edinburgh Journal of Gadda Studies

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Detecting Italy 1 | Scrittura Ultraesordiente

Contents Description

Preface by Fabrizio Gifuni, Introduction by Federica Pedriali, fourteen stories by the national finalists of Gadda Giovani 2011, Appendix with five further texts in the style of Carlo Emilio Gadda by the students of Liceo Manzoni Milan, Postface by Giulio De Jorio Frisari. To view the volume index click here.

Detecting Italy 1
Publisher: ETS Pisa
Year: 2013
Pages: 140pp.
ISBN: 978-884673616-1
Price: £12 incl. postage.

How to Purchase

Detecting Italy is available for purchase on Amazon, through ETS Pisa or by placing your order with our secure e-pay. The price you pay is the same whichever way you decide to proceed. The difference, if you use e-pay, is that you will be supporting our project, helping us make the next events possible.

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