Sixth Edition

Scottish Parliament
26 June 2019

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The Edinburgh Gadda Prize

Honorary President: Gianrico Carofiglio

Chair: Federica G. Pedriali

powered by The Edinburgh Journal of Gadda Studies

Edinburgh Gadda Prize | Judging Panels

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Edinburgh 2019 | The Judges

The following 30 scholars have served as Panel Judges:

Gian Mario Anselmi (Bologna) | Mario Barenghi (Milan-Bicocca) | Manuela Bertone (Nice Sophia Antipolis) | Giuseppe Bonifacino (Bari) | Charles Burdett (Durham) | Ann Caesar (Warwick) | Rino Caputo (Rome Tor Vergata) | Anna Dolfi (Florence) | Raffaele Donnarumma (Pisa) | Giorgio Ficara (Turin) | Gabriele Frasca (Salerno) | Alessandro Giammei (Bryn Mawr) | Alberto Godioli (Gröningen) | Robert Gordon (Cambridge) | Paola Italia (Bologna) | Stefano Jossa (Royal Holloway) | Massimo Lollini (Oregon) | Federico Luisetti (St Gallen) | Donatella Martinelli (Parma) | Sergio Parussa (Wellesley) | Giuliana Pieri (Royal Holloway) | Nicoletta Pireddu (Georgetown) | Massimo Riva (Brown) | Mara Santi (Ghent) | Cristina Savettieri (Pisa) | Domenico Scarpa (Primo Levi Centre) | Luca Somigli (Toronto) | Barbara Spackman (Berkeley) | Giuseppe Stellardi (Oxford) | Enrico Testa (Genoa).

Edinburgh 2019 | The Votes

Our Jurers worked on the Submission between 1 March and 31 May, casting three electronic votes in order to arrive at the Longlist (51), Shortlist (20), and Winners (8).

Votes were expressed numerically and cast electronically. Jurers received alphabetical results only. The counter was set to zero at each vote.

The Prize Chair and the Prize Secretaries had non-voting roles throughout. The Jurers cleared any conflict of interests issues on accepting to serve on one of the three Juries and did not evaluate works outwith the Jury they were assigned to.

Edinburgh 2019 | Jury Composition


Charles Burdett | Raffaele Donnarumma | Gabriele Frasca | Robert Gordon | Federico Luisetti | Sergio Parussa | Giuliana Pieri | Nicoletta Pireddu | Luca Somigli | Barbara Spackman


Manuela Bertone | Ann Caesar | Rino Caputo | Anna Dolfi | Giorgio Ficara | Paola Italia | Massimo Lollini | Donatella Martinelli | Mara Santi | Domenico Scarpa

VITTORIA GROUP PRIZE – Scholars aged 40 or under

Gian Mario Anselmi | Mario Barenghi | Giuseppe Bonifacino | Alessandro Giammei | Alberto Godioli | Stefano Jossa | Massimo Riva | Cristina Savettieri | Giuseppe Stellardi | Enrico Testa

Our Thanks to the Jurers

There were many tough decisions to take, given strength of the sumbission. We are deeply grateful to our thirty Jurers for the selfless dedication with which they have performed their duties.

Our Judges | Their Profiles

Further Information on the Process

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